Dominik Burckhardt (1938-2022), for short DOMBURCK, Swiss, born in Basel where he completed his studies at the Basel Art Institute mastering in art, graphics, photography.

In the sixties he moved to the USA to live and work in New York City. For some years his main fields

of occupation were in Graphic and Industrial Design, Illustration and Art Direction, 

mainly for consumer products. He participated in shows at the American Institute of Graphic Arts.



After leaving New York he settled with his family in Switzerland. He continued his work as Artist,

Art Director, Creative Director for many clients in different fields of product design, marketing

and advertising in contact with ad agencies in New York, Zurich, Frankfurt and Paris.

Later he concentrated uniquely on his art, creating elaborate art projects and doing exhibitions

at numerous galleries. His many travels in the USA, Middle and South America, East and West Africa, the Orient and throughout Europe were important inspirational factors for his art.

For the last years Dominik Burckhardt lived and worked in Zurich (Switzerland) and in Umbria (Italy).

Most of his work is figurative; drawings, paintings, prints and sculptures - in different media and techniques. His art expresses his feelings in multi-facetted ways, being drawn towards
expressionistic styles in many cases. 
He searches for themes by exploring all sorts and 
facets of human individuality and conditions, then turns them into specific art projects.

In the last 45 years he had ten solo shows and participated in 34 group shows.
Many of his works are in private collections.


You can reach the artist's family by this E-mail address: